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Does something like a spirit guide really exist? I had become curious after reading Elephant Songs: The transcendent journey of a reluctant psychic, by Michelle Frost. She tells us how she’s been accompanied by her spirit guide for all of her life, helping her on her way from where she was born in South-Africa to Scotland. She’s been gifted with clairvoyance from childhood and tries to deal with that the best way she can. The spirit guide helping her—and sometimes bothering or pestering her—is an elephant.


To shamans, telepathic contact with animals is self-evident. In fact, everything on this earth is animated and connected, and as such it’s not strange when people are ‘talking’ to trees. You just have to learn how to listen and it’s exactly that which is a step too far for the average white Westerner whose thoughts are separated from the outside world, and not connected to the physical. But everything is telepathically connected to everything; the universe is a pulsating unity to which everyone can open themselves.

In my case, I was forced to leave my beloved pets when I left my house in the mountains in Spain, after a traumatic episode, and went to live in the USA. It was the hardest decision of my life. Looking back, I can say that there’s never been anything I’ve regretted so much. Now, four years later, it still haunts me from time to time. A harsh lesson. The thing I’d underestimated was how animals can perfectly understand what’s going on. Of course, I knew how special the bond between man and pet can be, playful, obedient, sensitive; but I became frightfully aware how much when I sensed the telepathic connection between me and my pets when it was time to say goodbye. It was heartbreaking. What the hell was I doing? The way they were looking at me. The panic in their eyes. The cries of dispair. The tail between the legs. Peeing on the backseat of the car.

I thought I was on my own and that I had to make this decision alone. I thought I couldn’t care for them well enough, and that they would be better off without me, somewhere else. I felt separated, while I really should have listened to my pets. To this day, I don’t understand how I could have done this.

They all found beautiful forever homes. The two cats, already aged, crossed the rainbow bridge by now and paid me visits in my dreams. The dog has a wonderful life. He pre-senses whenever I pay him a visit at his new home in Holland. I enjoy these get-togethers immensely and am grateful. It feels a little like forgiveness. People who trivialize the bond between man and animal, and think it’s all so over the top, don’t get it. I don’t care.

My spirit guide

You’re never on your own. After reading Michelle Frost’s book, I also seriously started consulting my spirit guide—nothing more than a term in my eyes. You can call it anything; an animal, Jesus, God, a beloved one who passed on, etc. I don’t know exactly what it is in my case. I just know it’s there. Perhaps an owl. That’s what springs to mind regularly. I can’t tell you why. Owls frequently appear in my novels without me consciously choosing that bird. In Spain, the trees around my house were full of owls and I used to listen to their hoarse hooting in the dark, sometimes very close by, right above my head. It doesn’t matter who or what it is, as long as you’re in the right frame of mind, feel connected, and are able to open up to get in touch with your spirit guide. But if you do, there’ll be an answer and that’s awesome.

A funny example is what happened to me in March of this year. I was in Flaine, France, on a skiing trip. My partner, Geno, was at home in California. We had our eyes on a house in Palm Springs, in a park where we’d been house hunting many times and would love to live. That time, it was for real. The drawbacks were the asking price and the fact that it was built on Indian land, which meant that the land on which you live is leased for so many years. At the end of that contract, leases are usually extended. Very rarely, they’re not. A minor risk, therefore, but one that half of Palm Springs is dealing with.

Believe it or not

Would we go for it or not? Geno asked me to give it some serious thought. It was 7pm. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat outside on the balcony of our apartment to concentrate in private. It was dark and freezing cold. I was on the second floor. Beneath me, was a narrow country lane without any traffic. I consulted my spirit guide and asked for help. I added that I wouldn’t accept a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. In that case, I already knew the answer, because I really wanted it to be ‘yes’. My spirit guide would have to come up with something better than that.

Not long after, a car parked about thirty feet away. At first, I didn’t pay any attention to it and took another sip of wine, staring at the snowy landscape in the distance, waiting for an answer, a sign. I looked at the car again. It was a Renault. The silver letters ‘Scenic’, on the boot, just above the French license plate, shone in the streetlight. It was a Renault Scenic. I gaped at it and my mouth dropped. I shook my head and laughed, because I knew: the street in Palm Springs where our future home was, was called ‘Scenic View’.

My doubts vanished. I knew this was it. I thanked my spirit guide and quickly let Geno know that as far as I was concerned, we had found our new home.

Meanwhile, we moved. We’re very happy at our new spot. That’s how simple it is. Don’t rationalize, don’t analyze. Laugh. Don’t take it too serious. Sometimes, it’s even playful. Let it come over you and take it for what it is. Believe it or not. One thing is for sure, if you ask me: it exists.


4 thoughts on “Spirit Guide

  • July 14, 2019 at 7:59 am

    Hi Jaap, nice writing and very interesting. I once had a similar experience of someone or something letting me make a choice. On my way home on a road I was totally familiar with I took the wrong turn nevertheless. Suddenly I realised I was on my way to my lover. When I arrived, she had an unwanted visitor and she was so happy to see me.

  • July 14, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    There you go. Wonderfully inexplicable. Thanks for sharing that, Adriaan!

  • July 15, 2019 at 2:31 pm

    Hi Jaap,
    I’m truly honoured that my book inspired you. That’s the best praise, ever! 🙂
    I loved the story about the Scenic connection. That’s so typical of the humour of “them” (as you say, labels aren’t important – guide, totem, god, ancestor… whatever). The story about your pets was heart breaking.

    I’m so glad you notified me, you have such an interesting blog.

    Best regards from Scotland

    Michelle (who was actually born in Zimbabwe)

  • July 15, 2019 at 8:57 pm

    Thank you, Michelle. Sorry about the geographical mistake. Zimbabwe it is. All the best, Jaap.


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